A composite product has to be designed by taking into account the properties of the material to be optimized and strong. It's also necessary to have a production line and a price that's consistent with the needs of the motorcycle industry.

The C#BloK patented process is the solution for the motorcycle carbon parts  


The C#BloK wheel is a two self-supporting shell wheel. Due to the patented design, the thickness varies according to the zones of the rim for less weight on rear wheels up to 8.5".

On a trial bike, the wheels are 1.3 kg in the front and 1.2 kg in the rear lighter than traditional aluminum rims. The two rims are tubeless. Great success when you know how it's difficult to save weight on these bikes.


A very important chassis part that carbon fiber can change a lot. Like in Motogp, a carbon fiber swingarm can be lighter and more rigid than an aluminum one to make the chassis more precise.Like for all our parts, the quality is at the top for a very reasonable price.

On a trial bike, a carbon fiber swingarm weights 1.7 kg and is more rigid than a 2.9 kg aluminum one. 


Our fork tubes are raw material to be machined by suspension specialists. They are interesting because of a specific characteristic. The stiffness can be different in each direction. So, for a track bike, you can reduce the torsion during braking which is up to 11 mm in the radial direction but we haven't that rigidity in axial direction. A low-cost solution to upgrade a bike.


Triple clamps are very light and strong complex carbon parts. A very elegant solution to have a rigid and precise front suspension. These parts were tested with success by a major brand and the results, with 35% less weight than 7075 aluminum clamps, were higher in every sector. 


We can design and manufacture any parts considering the needs of our customers. We made with success some prototypes of carbon parts like footrests, brake protection, brake levers, engine housings… with our low-cost fast prototyping.

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- ISO 9001 certification

- At the market price

- Two patented processes

- Up to mass production

- Fast prototyping

- Traceable and repeatable

- Fast tooling with moderate price

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