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- ISO 9001 certification

- At the market price

- Two patented processes

- Up to mass production

- Fast prototyping

- Traceable and repeatable

- Fast tooling with moderate price

4e Avenue / 10e rue

Z.I de la grave 

06510 Carros, France

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C#BLOK® is a wide range of structural composite parts offer by  H-PreC

This company was founded in 2015 by Daniel Legal co-founder of Gemalto (world leader in digital security) and Dominique Crassous owner of many patents.

During the last three years, we developed two original processes to make structural carbon parts on an industrial line and a new design for composite rims. These exclusive industrial patented processes allow us to replace machined or casted aluminum parts by a composite part, but also to position ourselves in the palette of high range metallic parts in terms of resistance, reliability and price.

Today we are ready to supply our customers with high tech products at a real market price.


ISO 9001


This international certificate ensures the satisfaction of H-PreC customers by certifying the conformity of their products and processes. It is the guarantee of its quality !

French FAB

The French Fab embodies the refoundation of the French industry who she is an innovative industry and exporter. In this context, we have chosen to internalize our entire production line on our Carros site in the Nice Industrial Zone.



H-PreC is committed to CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility). Beyond the regulatory obligations, we take into account the environmental, societal and economic impacts of our company.



H-PreC won the innovation contest JEC WORLD 2017 with its H-PreC One-Step® process.The startup booster reward the most innovative companies of the composite industry. 



H-PreC was awarded "Talents INPI". This distinction, received on the 10th of October 2018, emphasizes the importance of the innovation,  at the heart of our company policy.